What You Should Know About Lawn Fertilizers

For anyone that desires a healthy, lush, green lawn it’s essential to apply fertilizers. Beautiful lawns don’t just magically appear. A lawn is a living, breathing thing that needs nutrients and care. It’s important to know what type of fertilizer to use, how much of it to apply and when to apply it. It varies based on need. Are you trying to kill weeds, insects, or control disease? Read on for things you should know about lawn fertilizers that will help you get a lush and healthy lawn.

What You Should Know About Lawn Fertilizers

Fertilizer is a combination of at least three nutrients – nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. These are the primary nutrients that your lawn requires to stay healthy. You’ll see these nutrients listed as numbers on your fertilizer bag. For instance 20-5-10 will be 20% nitrogen, 5% phosphate and 10% potassium. This is an appropriate mixture to apply in the spring.

Using a slow release fertilizer on your lawn will buy you some time before having to reapply it. With slow release fertilizers you apply them every six to eight weeks unlike regular fertilizer which should be reapplied every four weeks.

What You Should Know About Lawn Fertilizers

You should plan on applying fertilizer in 5 applications. The first feeding is in the spring when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees and the grass begins to grow. The second application will occur four weeks later and then every six to eight weeks until winter. Many people believe the most important application of all is done in the fall while the roots are still growing. This is the final application that will carry the turf through the winter months.
The type of lawn fertilizer you apply determines whether you need to thoroughly water it in afterwards or not. Read the bag or container the fertilizer came in. Some granules require sprinkling the lawn prior to application and some afterwards. Liquid fertilizers don’t require water at all.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have the lush, healthy and pest free lawn that you desire. If you’d like recommendations on which of our wholesale lawn fertilizer you should purchase, we’re happy to help. Just give us a call at 1-855-EZBUYAG or reach us through our Contact page and we’ll discuss your specific application needs.

Speedzone Herbicide

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to make your lawn look lush and green or the groundskeeper of a sporting venue focused on maintaining the optimal playing surface, you have one common goal. You want to get rid of weeds as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Not only are they unsightly, but also they can choke the desirable grass in seemingly no time at all. If you don’t take action quickly, your beautiful turfgrass will quickly give way to broadleaf weeds such as clover. You have many choices when it comes to weed-killers and it may seem overwhelming. Don’t settle for ineffective competitors when you can treat your turf grass with Speedzone herbicide. 175116071Speedzone excels over its competitors for several reasons. Because it specializes in cool-weather control, you can apply it from early spring until the first killing frost. After application, you can re-seed in just two weeks. Its low-odor, ecologically friendly formula makes Speedzone a safe and effective choice for any venue with broadleaf weeds such as clover. What’s more, you can rest assured that you are using a product that will be safe for your family and your pets alike. What sets Speedzone apart from other products is how its unique formula works. With its state-of-the-art chemical composition, Speedzone inhibits the production of an enzyme that is necessary for chlorophyll production in the weeds. Within hours, cell membranes in the plants begin to break down, with death occurring in one to two weeks. Don’t wait until broadleaf weeds take over your turf grass. Choose a solution that will quickly and thoroughly banish the weeds, while leaving the grass you want to preserve untouched. Once you take this step, you will see a lawn or field that has been restored to its former lush beauty. Moreover, you will be treating the area with a product that you can trust, one that you can use throughout the growing season.

The benefits of using pre-emergent herbicides on sod

Even thick, healthy sod can be overtaken by weeds if appropriate preventative actions are not taken. The most effective way to stop weeds from sprouting is to apply a pre-emergent herbicide before laying new sod. Timing is important. It is also important that consumers know the difference between a full-strength herbicide and one that can be applied to a healthy, green turf.466236047

Popular herbicides, like Round Up Quick Pro, are used by weekend gardeners and farmers alike. These easy-to-use treatments contain glyphosate. Glyphosate is gentle enough to use on delicate plants, but strong enough to kill invasive plants that are otherwise difficult to control. During the growing season, these are typically used to kill weeds growing in cracked pavement or unwanted plants on fences.

These glyphosate-based herbicides attack the growth enzyme in all plants. They will kill every plant they encounter, so great care is needed to isolate weeds and avoid spraying healthy sod. However, these herbicides are not considered dangerous to humans in small doses. Families with children and animals can apply herbicides to outdoor plants without fear. It is recommended one protects skin during application and avoids ingesting the chemical.177345699

For weed control, most sod farmers and commercial lawn specialists use a more selective herbicide, such as 2-4-D Amine. This type of per-emergent herbicide has a diluted amount of glyphosate that is effective at stunting weed growth without harming healthy plants near the offending weed.

Widespread weed control should be done during dormant months. Consumers who plan to install new sod should apply herbicides well before new sod is installed. If herbicides are applied too early or right before a rainfall, they may wash away and be ineffective. If they are applied too late, weeds may already be growing. Weeds that have already germinated will not be affected by selective herbicides. Optimal application times vary by location and the length of the growing season.

It is wise to consult a professional for specifics regarding chemical strength and herbicide application times. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is also crucial. Not doing so can cause irreparable damage to an otherwise healthy lawn.


When You Need Help With Your Courses

When it comes to golf course turf no other factor is more important for enjoying a round of golf than the condition of the turf. Today’s golfers have come to expect meticulous playing conditions that only a few years ago would have seemed nearly impossible. The lightning-fast putting greens and immaculate fairways of the golf courses today are the result of many years of research. According to the USGA, their vision for turf grass and environmental research is to “use science as the foundation to benefit golf in the areas of turf grass and resource management, sustainable development, and environmental protection.” Since 1920, the USGA has funded projects at land grant universities across the country to the tune of $40 million in attempts at improving the course conditions and enjoyment of the game.

course turf
If you need help with your courses and how to best deal with bunkers and roughs, tees, greens, irrigation and managing trees along your courses, check out the golf course management section of the USGA website for lots of help and tips.

When you need turf chemicals to help maintain your greens and fairways, contact us at EZBuy Turf. Purchasing your chemicals from us will be easy and you’ll probably pay less than you’re currently spending. Chemical products are the best method used for sustaining as well as improving your turf. Agrochemicals are designed for increased productivity while decreasing damage and disease.

Regular use of turf products will improve the condition of your turf as well as control pests and diseases. Apart from using these chemicals on a continuous basis to prevent disease, it is important to implement a strategic plan for protecting your greens from pests. A plan adopted should cover prevention, suppression and eradication and include identification of pests and the damage caused by them, biologic aspects and development of the pests lifecycle, and the correct method and time for controlling their population.

At EZBuy Turf you’ll find we have everything you need to maintain your course turf and have it perform optimally each season and all season long. Contact us today for a free quote on your next chemical order.

Snapshot Saves Both Time and Money

When you’re looking for a long acting method of controlling broadleaf and grassy weeds on golf courses look no further than the pre-emergent herbicide, Snapshot. Made by Dow AgroSciences this specialty herbicide works around the clock for up to six to eight months to keep turf and ornamentals weed free. The dispersible granules are absorbed easily into the ground, acting like a liquid herbicide but in granular form. EZ Buy Turf carries Snapshot in convenient 50 lb. bags.

Snapshot Herbicide

Where it Works
You can safely use Snapshot on field grown or container grown ornamentals and turf. It can also be used on trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials, non-bearing fruit and nut tree and non-bearing vineyards.

Controls Weeds & Grasses
Snapshot controls or suppresses more than 125 broadleaf weeds and annual grasses and can be used on more than 635 different ornamentals without fear of injury. Some of the more common weeds controlled:

  • Barnyardgrass
  • Bittercress
  • Common Chickweed
  • Foxtail
  • Goosegrass
  • Marestail
  • Oxalis
  • Pigweed
  • Ragweed
  • Spurge

When To Apply
With a flexible application schedule Snapshot can be applied in early spring, late summer to early fall or right after cultivation. For best results, rainfall or irrigation should occur within three days after application. As seeds germinate beneath the soil, Snapshot disrupts their development so before the seeds break to the surface, they die. The long lasting broad-spectrum control makes this a popular herbicide for golf courses everywhere.

Long Lasting
Once activated, Snapshot remains as a deterrent to weed seed germination. Snapshot bonds tightly with soil particles and its low water solubility prevents it from leaving the root zone. Based on factors such as type of weeds and application rate, Snapshot provides up to six to eight months of continuous control.

Save Money and Save Time
You may think you’re saving money by weeding by hand but use this handy Hand Weeding Calculator and see just how much it’s costing you per year to hand weed vs. using Snapshot. It saves landscape and nursery professionals thousands of dollars in hand weeding labor costs each and every year and that certainly adds up!

MSMA Herbicide is an Effective Post-Emergent

When you’re looking for an effective herbicide for weed management on golf courses it’s important to first know what type of weeds you’re trying to control. With an assortment of products that include pre-emergents, post-emergents and spot treaters, you want to use the most effective product we carry and not have to constantly be reapplying it.

Post-Emergent MSMA HerbicideIn established bluegrass, zoysia grass and Bermuda grass, the post-emergent MSMA herbicide is most effective in controlling broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, yellow nutsedge, dallisgrass, johnsongrass, pigweed, chickseed, sandbur and others.

Lawns that are mowed short, like on golf courses, tend to invite weeds like crabgrass to invade. Light, frequent watering, also popular at golf courses, favors crabgrass. Crabgrass is an opportunist and often invades areas seeded in late spring because of the bare soil, spring rains and the onset of hot weather, all of which are ideal for its growth.

Post-Emergent Herbicide MSMAHerbicides are also available to manage annual weeds. Pre-emergence herbicides prevent annual grassy weeds such as crabgrass from emerging. Whether you’re apply pre-emergents or post-emergents the timing of applying herbicides is important.

Pre-emergents should be applied before the crabgrass emerges from the soil. Crabgrass will germinate when soil temperatures are greater than 55 to 60F° for 7-10 consecutive days, and continues until soils reach 95F°. Other annual grasses germinate as soils get warmer than 60 degrees. Post-emergence herbicides are applied when crabgrass and other broadleaf plants are very small

It’s always going to be easier to implement preventive measures than it will be to try to eliminate weeds after they’ve taken root. Establish a preventive schedule for applying your herbicides and you’ll be able to stay ahead of the weed problem. Preventive applications are recommended on golf greens and courses whenever environmental conditions favor weed development.

Asulox Herbicide No Longer Available to Homeowners

Crabgrass is many homeowner’s nightmare. It’s such a pest that everyone seems to have a story to tell about it. There seems to be no sure way to rid your property of this weed once and for all but people keep trying. Crabgrass grows at an incredible rate and spreads like wildfire. It stands out against what would otherwise be a beautiful lawn. It’s one of the first weeds in the lawn to turn brown once the temperatures drop below 40 degrees so, again, it stands out.

Asulox Herbicide No Longer Available to HomeownersSadly, there are no legal chemicals for homeowners or commercial landscapers to use that will permanently kill or specifically control crabgrass. The chemical Asulox was available for many years, but is no longer labeled for use on residential and commercial lawns. The only people able to legally purchase and use the Asulox herbicide are those purchasing it for agriculture use.

There are lots of things people don’t realize about crabgrass. While some believe there are perennial and annual versions of crabgrass, it’s primarily an annual plant that heartily reseeds itself nearly year round. Its seeds can germinate anytime from mid-spring to late summer in the north and year round in the south. Crabgrass can survive in even the worst soil conditions and if allowed to spread it moves more rapidly when turf is stressed due to drought.

Asulox Herbicide No Longer Available to HomeownersAn effective method of control includes killing the area with non-selective herbicides, such as RoundUp, and then laying down new sod.  Even this doesn’t future-proof your lawn from crabgrass because the seed lives on in the soil indefinitely.

While crabgrass may be an ongoing battle you will wage as a homeowner, there are some things you can do to help. Keep your lawn thick and rich. Try applying roundup and then re-sodding or try one of the many pre-emergents on the market. Pre-emergents can be quite effective because they prevent the crabgrass seeds in the infested area from sprouting but it may mean three extra applications a year for those in the south.

It’s always best to be proactive. Maintain a lush and healthy lawn and when you see any crabgrass, physically remove it before it goes to seed.

How to Apply Landscaping Turf Chemicals

When it comes to applying landscaping turf chemicals it’s important to use some common sense as well as keeping the following tips in mind. Landscaping chemicals come in dry form as well as water soluble. Dry chemicals can be applied by two different methods – broadcasting spreaders or drop spreaders.

landscaping turf chemicalsWhen using a broadcast spreader to apply dry chemicals, it’s important to use the proper settings to avoid uneven greening and burning of the grass. Follow the instructions that came with the spreader. You want to be sure to apply the landscaping turf chemicals evenly across the surface of the lawn.

Tips for applying dry fertilizers
1. It’s critical to follow the manufacturers recommendations for setting up your spreader.
2. Walk at your normal walking speed. Walk back and forth. Be sure to overlap the path of the wheels when using a drop spreader. You should have an overlap at the edges of broadcast spreaders.
3. Water the lawn thoroughly after fertilizing. Watering in the fertilizer washes the nutrients into the soil where they can be best utilized by lawn roots.

landscaping turf chemicalsIf you’re using liquid or water-soluble fertilizers you apply by hand using a hose end applicator. Be forewarned that these are more difficult to apply evenly because it’s being done by hand. For those with large areas to cover the broadcast spreaders are a better route to go.

Tips for applying liquid fertilizers
1. When applying liquid fertilizers use a handheld hose end applicator.
2. Start in a corner or edge of the area to be treated and walk backwards in a straight line as you spray.
3. Be sure to turn the sprayer off at the end of each row and on again at the start of a new row.

Applying chemicals to your landscaping doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Follow these application tips and your lawn will come out looking 100% better than it ever has!

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Turf products that are actively used will improve the condition of your turf as well as play a vital role in controlling pests and diseases. Apart from using these chemicals on a continuous basis to prevent disease, it is important to implement strategic protection measures for pests. These measures are adopted to handle prevention, suppression and eradication and include identification of pests and the damage caused by them, biologic aspects and development of the pests lifecycle, and the correct method and time for controlling their population.

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