How to Apply Landscaping Turf Chemicals

When it comes to applying landscaping turf chemicals it’s important to use some common sense as well as keeping the following tips in mind. Landscaping chemicals come in dry form as well as water soluble. Dry chemicals can be applied by two different methods – broadcasting spreaders or drop spreaders.

landscaping turf chemicalsWhen using a broadcast spreader to apply dry chemicals, it’s important to use the proper settings to avoid uneven greening and burning of the grass. Follow the instructions that came with the spreader. You want to be sure to apply the landscaping turf chemicals evenly across the surface of the lawn.

Tips for applying dry fertilizers
1. It’s critical to follow the manufacturers recommendations for setting up your spreader.
2. Walk at your normal walking speed. Walk back and forth. Be sure to overlap the path of the wheels when using a drop spreader. You should have an overlap at the edges of broadcast spreaders.
3. Water the lawn thoroughly after fertilizing. Watering in the fertilizer washes the nutrients into the soil where they can be best utilized by lawn roots.

landscaping turf chemicalsIf you’re using liquid or water-soluble fertilizers you apply by hand using a hose end applicator. Be forewarned that these are more difficult to apply evenly because it’s being done by hand. For those with large areas to cover the broadcast spreaders are a better route to go.

Tips for applying liquid fertilizers
1. When applying liquid fertilizers use a handheld hose end applicator.
2. Start in a corner or edge of the area to be treated and walk backwards in a straight line as you spray.
3. Be sure to turn the sprayer off at the end of each row and on again at the start of a new row.

Applying chemicals to your landscaping doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Follow these application tips and your lawn will come out looking 100% better than it ever has!